Aple Ghar is a project undertaken by Rashtra Seva Dal. Rashtra Seva Dal is a registered public trust, started in1941. It has adopted secular Nationalism and Democratic socialismas its ideology. 

         Aple Ghar was started after the devastating earthquake in this area.

Due to the devastating earthquake on 30 Sept 1993, in the district of Latur and Osmanabad, more than eight thosand human lives were wiped out spread in 87 villages. The news spread like wild fire in every corner of the world. Due to the earthquake, for the first time we saw the dangerous form of human destruction in Marathwada.  Rashtra Seva Dal rushed to help in the relief work. Corpses had to be pulled out of the collapsed houses and buried. Food, clothing, medicines etc. were to be distributed.

          Being concerned with the rehabilitation and education of the children, RSD distributed school material to more than 26,000 children, spread over 106 villages. More than three hundred children were rendered orphans. So, RSD decided to start a hostel-cum school for these destitute children. Aple Ghar (Our Home) was opened on 24th December 1993  birthday of Sane Guruji, the mentor of the RSD) in tents  at Naldurga, Dist. Osmsnsbad. There were 250 inmates. Within two years, it was shifted to the new premises, a hilltop beside the Mumbai- Hyderabad national Highway where pucca buildings were constructed .The children started attending school in the same premises. The institute was receiving generous help from the well-wishers of RSD. Women and Child Welfare Department of the State Government of Maharashtra was approached for regular grant-in –aid  to meet the maintenance expenses. Some funds started flowing .After ten years, when all the earthquake affected children had passed out, we realized that in our society, when either parent of a child dies, near relatives who themselves are so poor.  cannot undertake responsibility of bringing them up..So,  Rashtra Seva Dal  decided to continue to run Aple Ghar. A group of dedicated young men and women decided to devote their energies for running it.

With  substantial financial help from the public, suitable buildings for residence, kitchen-cum-store, library, staff quartes, vocational traing blocks, science centre, High level water tank, Cowshed, guest house etc. were constructed. Two tube wells and one open well have been dug. Tree plantation was done on the slopes of the hilltop.Computer centre, tailoring wing, painting, drawing, music classes are  being run. A cultural squad is organized which can help in raising funds by presenting Dance-cum-music performances. Some vegetables and crops are also grown on the land of the institute. The employees and children offer shramdan for that.

Efforts are made to help passed out students to carry on further education.