About Us

Now 120 orphan unsheltered children are living as residents of Aple Ghar and taking education. We have 21 acres of land with Residential building, Training center, Library, cultural hall, Guest house, residential quarters for staff, Huge Play Ground and a Hill with full of green trees are included.

Everyday these children wake up at 5 o’clock, complete their studies, exercise, group singing and conducted Shakha of Seva Dal. The school timing is 10 am to 4 pm. After school hours they participate in skill training. Computer, painting, sculpture, music, sewing, weaving, farming is available.

When the region of Naladurg is in complete darkness, Aple Ghar sparkles with the brightness of solar lamps. The night studies are done under these solar lamps. Regular health testing is done. In daily diet nutritious food is given according to medical criterion.

For children above 18 years of age  and completely unsheltered, Rashtra Seva Dal  Aple Ghar have taken the whole responsibility of them willingly. For this responsibility Aple Ghar Management Committee get the help through 10th Post Fund from broad minded people in various regions of Maharashtra.

 A school Dharitri Vidyalay caters to the educational needs of the children. Std V to Std X are situated in the same premises as Aple Ghar. The primary section is situated in Naldurga where children are transported every day.